Onwards to Perth for the first ever Tabletop Scotland!

I’d arrived in Perth on Friday, the day before the convention commenced to lend my support in any way I could. For the most part, this meant moving a large quantity of rather heavy wooden tables and laying down tablecloths. A number of people had come along to volunteer their support including the wonderful team from The Unlucky Frog (but, more about them later).

It was great to be part of the setup and it gave me a real insight into the practicalities of both organising and setting up a convention. Tabletop Scotland promised a large area for open gaming as well as space for a good quantity of sellers on the ground floor. On the first floor (yes, we had to carry tables up there as well!) there was ample space for RPGs and tournaments as well as room for the bring and buy sale as well as a number of seminars.

The weekend itself was a wonderful blur. I spent most of the Saturday working in the over-subscribed bring and buy sale, and the Sunday assisting in the smooth running of a Pandemic Survival tournament. In between that, I even managed to appear on the Unlucky Frog’s game show Room D100 +1. You can listen to their episode here:

I’ll definitely be heading back to Tabletop Scotland for 2019.

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