I decided to take a trip up to the beautiful city of Edinburgh for the day to attend Conpulsion 2018, a student-led convention held at the University of Edinburgh’s Student Union. The convention is primarily focused around play and, although it welcomes all forms of analog gaming, it is primarily a space for organised RPGs.

It’d been an early start, leaving York around 6:30 am, so once I arrived at the venue I primarily wanted one thing: caffeine. Having found my fix, I bumped into Bez – she was busy setting up her stall for the weekend so I offered to lend a hand, assisting with the infamous cat wall – which has become a prominent and well-loved aspect of many of the events which I’ve attended. Though, there are a couple of rules which must be followed:

  1. What you draw must be at least 50% cat
  2. You can only use red, black and grey coloured pens
  3. You can draw one cat, purr-person, purr-day.

Conpulsion seemed to be less communally-focused that other conventions I’ve been to, I imagine that this is primarily due to people organising to be part of games prior to their attendance at the event. However, this did mean that there were occasions when the event felt completely empty before masses of people from the upstairs play spaces descended into the main hall.

I did, though, get chance to sit down and chat with the wonderful Charlotte from The Unlucky Frog to chat about all things gaming, my research and working in tabletop gaming media. You can listen to a snippet of our chat here:


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