This past weekend my fieldwork took me to AireCon. A fantastic and diverse analog gaming festival based in Huddersfield. This is my first convention as a ‘researcher’ so it was great to speak to so many passionate gamers who were excited about what the hobby is and the future it holds. I have been absolutely overwhelmed with the positive response that I’ve received about my research from the community. This study is a real passion project of mine and I’m so glad that the community is ready and willing to get involved.

I did a couple of great interviews and even managed to play a couple of games! Emma and I managed to snag a couple of bargains at the bring and buy sale, which is always a bonus. We managed to grab a pre-order version of Ignacy Trzewiczek’s First Martians, The Networks, and Parfum. A bit of an eclectic mix by all accounts but three we’ve been looking at for a while. Although I’m incredibly fond of a Euro game – I’ve got a pretty eclectic taste and will happily play almost anything.

If you’re reading this and you’re wanting to get involved you can find out more here.

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