Broady, Matt’s research interests focus on:

  • Gamers and gaming;
  • Leisure and recreation;
  • Ritual’s interaction with popular culture;
  • Death and the undead, particularly monstrosity;
  • Contemporary religions (Theravāda Buddhism, Haitian Vodou, East Asian Shamanism)

Outside of his ongoing PhD research, Matt is currently engaged in several projects. These include:

  • Death, Culture and Leisure: Playing Dead, an edited volume contracted for publication in 2020 with Emerald Publishing.

Matt has also been involved with a few recently completed projects, which include:

  • The Bureau of Applied History (PI: Dr Amanda Rees) as part of the AHRC funded project: Unsettling Scientific Stories.
  • Building with Care (PI: Professor Sarah Nettleton) as part of the ESRC funded project: Buildings in the Making.
  • Pathways, Practices and Architectures (PI: Professor Nik Brown) as part of an AHRC funded project of the same name.
  • The York Death & Culture Walk, an innovative pedagogical and public engagement tool which looks to engage individuals in sensory and corporeal ways with issues surrounding death, dying and disposal (led by Dr Ruth Penfold-Mounce)

Matt has received funding from a diverse range of organisations for events, pedagogical development and research. These include: The British Sociological Association; Department of Sociology, University of York; Research Centre for Social Sciences, University of York (x3); University Teaching Committee, University of York (x2); The Spalding Trust.