Conferences and events convened:

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Corpse Work (June 2019). A day-symposium supported by DaCNet: Interdisciplinary Death & Culture Research. (convenor)

Walking amongst the dead: the York Death & Culture Walk (March 2019). A University of York Research in Focus event which includes: a public lecture, exhibition and 360 cinematic installation. (co-convenor)

The Promise and Perils of Researching Sensitive Issues (November 2018). A day symposium supported by the British Sociological Association in conjunction with DaCNet. Keynote: Dr Donna Poade, University of Exeter. (co-convenor)

York’s Dark Past: Crime, Punishment and Justice (June 2018). An event as part of the York Festival of Ideas including the launch of the York Crime Walk. (co-convenor)

Playing Dead (May 2018). A day symposium exploring the nexuses between death, culture and leisure. Keynote: Professor Christopher Partridge, Lancaster University. (convenor)

Offender Learning and Intellectual Disabilities: Research and Service Developments (February 2018). A day symposium supported by CrimNet: York’s Research Centre for Crime and Criminal Justice in conjunction with PORSCH. (event manager)

CrimNet Conversations (June 2017). A round table discussion event. (event manager)

Primary Education: What is and what might be? (November 2016). A two-hundred delegate conference celebrating the tenth anniversary of the launch of the Cambridge Primary Review. Keynotes: Professor Robin Alexander, University of Cambridge; Sarah Rutty, Bankside Primary School, Leeds; Melissa Benn, writer, journalist and campaigner; and Professor Andrew Pollard, University College London. (event manager)

Translating Buddhism (June-July 2016). A three-day conference supported by York St John University in collaboration with both The Spalding Trust and the UK Association for Buddhist Studies. Keynotes: Professor Collett Cox, University of Washington; Professor Lori Meeks, USC Dornsife; and Professor Jonathan Walters, Whitman College. (Co-convenor)


Dying to Play: Games, Death & Social Life [public engagement]
Archbishop Holgate School, York (July 2019)

Analog UK: Tabletop Gaming in the 21st Century [public engagement]
UK Games Expo, Birmingham (May 2019)

An Encounter with Buddhist Death Rituals [public engagement]
York Dead Good Festival, York (May 2019)

UK Tabletop Gaming Communities [public engagement]
AireCon 5, Harrogate (March 2019)

Creative Methodologies: Walking with Death in York.
Death & Culture II, University of York (September 2018) (co-author: Ruth Penfold-Mounce)

Cemeteries, Consoles & Corpses: Burial Ground Ethnography in Gameplay Environments.
Death & Culture II, University of York (September 2018)

Some Games You Just Can’t Win: Crowdfunded Memorialisation, Grief and That Dragon, Cancer.
Playing Dead, University of York (May 2018)

Survival Horror, Surviving Horrors: Wolfenstein, Traumatic Play and the Social Gothic.
Gaming the Gothic, University of Sheffield (April 2018)

In War, Not Everyone is a Soldier: Ritual Thresholds and Tabletop Gaming.
Thresholds: A pop-up symposium, SATSU, University of York (September 2017)

Of Demons and Drama: Ritual Syncretism of Sinhala Exorcism and Forum Theatre.
Translating Buddhism: York St John University (June 2016)

Did you Check that Corpse’s Credit?! Supernatural Powers and Suicide as Displayed in the Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service: a critical manga reading.
Exploring the Extraordinary VII (December 2015)

The Hammer Wants the Nail’s Magic? American Horror Story, Voodoo and Witchcraft.
Fandom and Religion, University of Leicester (July 2015)

Trans* in Thailand: Wiparit Orientations and the Role of Buddhist Ethics in Thai Culture and Society.
Cutting Edge, Edge Hill University (March 2015)

Crossing and Dwelling… and Performing? Some Thoughts on the Amalgamation of Theory for Interdisciplinary Research.
Postgraduate Methodologies Conference, York St John University (November 2014)

The Witch from ‘His-Story’ to ‘Her-Stories’: Changing Contexts.
Undergraduate Research Conference, York St John University (June 2014)